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This is our latest on-going project, our Podcast!

Who we are?

Gabriela and Joseph, husband and wife. Partners.


Why are we doing it?

- We want to learn from what we have done

- We want to motivate ourselves to keep going

- We want to make sure that we keep exploring how to find “our thing”


What is this podcast about?

About our experiences, divided into different topics. It is just to share our point of view. What has happened to us, how we lived it, how we plan the future. There is no formula and we are not focusing on “success” or "failure”, just the whole story.


How did we think about doing this podcast?

We want to look within. It’s true that there’s much inspiration out there, but we feel it’s time to start with us. Stop scrolling and start doing more!

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"Celebrate with us"

Our line of handmade products is proudly designed and produced in Beirut, Lebanon since 2015. 

Leaving out the "middleman" and working directly with small producers to create quality and memorable souvenirs. 

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Joseph's personal website showcases selected work for his Photography and Filmmaking projects.

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Bouyout Beirut ("Houses of Beirut" in Arabic) is a photographic project that started in 2016. This collection sheds light on the facades of various houses on the streets of Mar Mikhael & Gemmayzeh (Beirut's neighborhoods). Whether preserved, rehabilitated, or still in ruins since the Civil War, these houses are one of the pillars of the Lebanese heritage. Especially after the Beirut August 4th, 2020 explosion, where their existence and resilience gained a whole new meaning.

Click here for more info about our story.

You can find them on our website and the Sursok Museum, National Museum of Beirut, L'Artisan du Liban, Antoine Library, among others.

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